Use Of Inverter Welder

What is an inverter welder?  

Voltage regulation is done with some processes and the inverter is one such system to do so. The process of inverter welding is based on the same principle. It makes use of the AC power and then converts it into the lower usable output voltage. This usable output is in the DC form. Unlike the different conventional devices that are transformer based and use just ne transformer to do the work, the inverter based devices actually operate with the help of the electronic components. The process of welding that works under these conditions are referred as the inverter welders for sale 

How it works? 

The job of the inverter is to step up the frequency of the power supply. Usually the uplifting is from the 50Hz to a maximum of 100,000 Hz. The power is switched on or off with the help of a switch that operates electronically. The entire process would take only a few seconds. The experts have found this time to be merely 1 millionth part of a single second. It is for this reason that the size of the transformer is considerably reduced. For more information, please log on to

The advantages 

The inverter welding has following advantages  

  • They are better than the convention welding machines. It is because the welding machines of this ties are lighter in weight and smaller in size. Hence, you can keep them along while moving around or traveling.  
  • They are several times efficient than the conventional machines. Usually it is 80 to 90 percent more. The large size of the machines with greater resistance lose power as the heat is created.  
  • They can be operated along with the small generators that are portable and easy to carry around. Although at times it can be risky but the overall viability makes it the choice for the power related functions.  
  • When it comes to the duty cycles the results are outclass and far more impressive. As the components in this little magical welding machine get heated it is easy to reduce the temperature more quickly as well. This does not hinder the work as it happens in case of the large units where the components get heated up and then they lose heat comparatively slower for having a larger size.  
  • These welding machines have a number of electrodes, therefore as compared to the conventional types they can easily rectify the current into the DC types.  
  • The performance due to all above mentioned reasons is far more impressive and fruitful. They work more effectively and efficiently as compared to the bigger are conventional welder types. The inverter welders are easy to operate and there is little problem related to the arc or the open circuit voltages.