The Many Types Of The Window Tint

Just as there are many designs and structures of the window. Similarly, the window tint is not limited to one type but there are many types of the window tints. Each has its pros and cons and each is suitable for certain kind of situations and windows.  Some of the types are discussed here.

The one of the very types of the window tinting is the dyed window. It is one of the easiest tinting because of the reason that it is very easy to install. The window is simply dyed in this case. There is range of color variety that is available in the dyes. The customer could choose from number of colors. This type of residential window tinting Melbourne just dyes the window. Although this type of window does block some of the lights and darken the window shades but it is good for blocking out the UV rays from the sun. but the disadvantage of this type of tinting is that it darkens out the window and this could fade over the time.

The next type of tinting metalized film. Metalized tinting makes use of metal in its dye. Although its not completely metallic but it makes use of the metal pieces. These metal pieces are used in such a way that this is used for the reflection purpose of the light and the heat. Although this type of metalized film is much more expensive than the dyed tint but the reason is that it has more life span and it is very much durable. It does not scratch over the time and does not much fade.

The next type is knowns as the carbon window tint film. This type of window tinting is better than the dyed tinting and the metalized tinting. It is the combination of both the matte and the shining surface. One side which is usually on the outside is a shining finish whereas the inner surface of this is the matte shaded. This tinting has more better aesthetic features. Not only it is better aesthetic wise but it also saves the interior from the harmful infrared rays. It usually prevents around 40 percent of these harmful rays from entering the room. This kind of window tinting also make the glass of the window more secure and prevents it from shattering and breaking easily.

The another type is the ceramic film tinting. This type of tinting has more blockage capacity than the carbon window tinting. This blocks around the 50 percent of the infrared light and harmful UV rays.