Your children will be pained by your divorce more than anyone else. Their little world will be turned upside down when you announce your decision. You will need to help them cope with the pain that will follow the fateful day of your separation. The article below will detail the manner in which you can do this.

Talk to them

If they are old enough to comprehend what is going on, do engage in discussions with them. They do have a right to know what is going on and why these decisions are being taken. You can take them for the appointments with your family law lawyers Perth wa if you prefer too so that they see the big picture. Let your children know how things will be after your separation. Let them know all the details without keeping them in the dark.

Let them express their anger

No matter what the family law states, your children will express their anger at the arrangements that you have so meticulously made. Let them express their anger. Let them tell you how frustrated they are. They need to let all their feelings out. They shouldn’t keep things bottled up inside as that will not be good for their emotional health. Let them talk with counselors, if they don’t talk about their feelings with you. Let them spend the weekend with friends or other family members if they need a break from the stress at home. Give them the space that they desperately need during this difficult time.

Cultivate a positive relationship with your partner

Your former partner will always be your child’s parent. You must have a positive relationship with him/ her so that your child’s life will not be poisoned. Your children will be spending a few days of the week with your partner too so you will meet him/ her regularly. Make sure there is no hostility and strife between the two of you. You are no longer lovers but you don’t have to be haters. If you hate them and make sarcastic remarks every time you meet, the experience of adjusting to the new life will be even more difficult for the children.

Try to stay positive

You will naturally be having your own battles to fight during this phase, so helping the children cope with the stress will be incredibly hard. Try to stay positive throughout so that it will be easier for you to help them. Choose to be happy instead of miserable so that your children will at least be able to enjoy some peace of mind when they are at home.A divorce is truly a tragedy for your children. Understand that they will be pained and do your best to support them throughout this difficult phase.