Commercial Air Fresheners


Air fresheners fall under the category of consumer products, used in homes and commercial interiors; such as, conference halls, restrooms, hallways, hotel lobbies, auto dealerships, medical facilities, other small and large interior spaces. Many different brands sell various types of air fresheners in the supermarkets. For convenience, air freshener mounted inside an air freshener dispenser is normally seen in an indoor area; this allows automatic control of timely spray of the fragrance, set according to your convenience. The most important area where air fresheners are frequently seen, is in public bathroom areas.

The need for commercial use of air fresheners

While some institutes have it last on their priority list, most consider the ambience and hygiene of the working place important.  It creates a positive impact on the employees and customers as well. There are many factors influencing the increase in air freshener use, such as:

Rising hygiene concerns among consumers.

Rise in waste generation has caused shopkeepers and businessmen living near these areas of bad waste odor in the atmosphere, to create a hygienic environment in their indoor space, facilitated with the use of air fresheners.

To suppress or eliminate the smell of medicines and similar odors inside hospitals, and to have a positive impact on patients, by placing air fresheners in hallways and rooms.

Advantages of commercial air freshening systems

Many advantages are seen with the use of air freshening systems

Apart from the elimination of foul smell from the indoor environment, there has been a noted improvement in employee mood and morale.

The use of natural essential oil extracts is very beneficial to human healthand well-being and air freshener providers understand the importance of keeping building areas generally and restroom particularly, safe from bacteria and malodors. 

Automatic air freshener dispenser

Commonly seen in commercial sectors nowadays, an automatic hygiene bins Brisbane has the feature of an LCD display screen for the user’s convenience; this allows easy control, for example, the timings at which the dispenser will spray the aerosol, and how much should be the intensity of the spray. It comes with a number of options for programming, such as start and end times, spray intervals, and event timer. Most common ones have an upward hinge design, that makes it easy for the user to change the refills. Air fresheners compatible with this type of dispenser, comes in a variety of fragrances; lavender, citrus scent, cinnamon etc.


A well maintained hygienic environment is very essential in commercial areas like offices, conference rooms, hospitals, public bathrooms, hotel lobbies, auto dealerships etc. as it is said “first impression is the last impression”, a consumer or employee entering the indoor space, which is surrounded by a malodor and unhygienic environment, shall be left with a negative and demotivating sense. Therefore, many companies and employers have it as their initial priority to maintain a hygienic indoor environment, a common element of which is the use of air fresheners.