Benefits Of 12m Controlled Traffic Farming

Modern farming uses a lot of equipment. Farming used to be relatively straightforward. People would plow the soil with sticks and shafts. Sometimes, animals would be used. Horses and oxen were the most commonly used animals. One of the purpose of tilling the soil with animals was to aerate it. Aerating the soil mean adding air to it. This is needed because air is needed for the roots of trees to grow. The roots of plants need air to absorb nutrients. Tilling with animals is a very primitive technique for aerating it. Aerating is necessary if a decent yield is to be expected. Soils that are not regularly aerated can become very unproductive. One of the techniques for aerating the soil is known as 12m controlled traffic farming. 12m controlled traffic farming was devised to prevent the air from escaping the soil. Go here for more information about john deere wheel spacers. 

Often it is the case that with heavy machinery, the pores in the soil are blocked. The weight of the machines compresses the soil and it is tightened. In many cases, the soil becomes so compact that it becomes hard. Another problem that happens inn this case is that the roots of the plants can not take hold In such soil. They find it hard to break through the soil and to take a grip. This means that air cannot pass through it. This affects the roots of plants. This is because they can not access oxygen from the soil. It also impacts the ability of the roots to absorb nutrients. Air is needed for the proper absorption of nutrients such as minerals. 12m controlled traffic farming prevents the blockage prevents the soil from compacting together and keeps it aerated.

Aerated soil is more fertile than non aerated soil. 12m controlled traffic farming helps in increasing the aeration and therefore the fertility of the soil. It prevents the closure of pores in the soil and keeps it more viable for plant life. 12m controlled traffic farming involves not using heavy machinery extensively. By avoiding the use of heavy machinery, the compression of soil can be reduced. 12m controlled traffic farming involves carefully using heavy machinery and only using it when it is needed. The heavy machinery is used strategically and only in important locations.
Tractors are only used at the sides of the fields and with less frequency in 12m controlled traffic farming. If a tractor is routinely used every two to three days, the frequency of use will be reduced to six to seven days. This can also be done by using devices such as sprinklers that help cover more area while driving over the same tract of land. Manual workers can also cause soil compression when they step on the field. Their impact is not as bad as that of machines but can still be significant.